Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Questions About Keith's Baby name

Keith Urban and Wife Nicole Kidman named their baby Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, as you can see on the post below, but the tabloids (news) have asked questions "Why?". Nicole's Father reveals all he said the name is named after an Aussie artist's muse and Urban's Grandmother Sunday Reed. the middle name "Rose" instead of "Reed" is named after Keith's Grandmother, Rose. But Sunday Reed was a famous Aussie but what is Stupid is the name they picked DOESN'T make the Aussie top 150. For gsh sakes they named her after a famous Aussie people! It should at least be in 149 I am so sick of all the picky people with names I mean in different places people are named different things. like say if someone from Austrailia was named 'Sunday' so what they are used to it because maybe people in Austrailia have different names well how would you feel if someone started laughing at you saying "Oh My God she isn'e poular cause her name is 'Katie' or 'Sally' or 'Kelly'". Well you can't blame them it is their name maybe there are weird names in different places they can't help it, it is their name and their place where they grew up. Well I am done my ramble! but I don't think people should judge people by their name or appearence I mean maybe she is the biggest joy to Nicole and Keith (wich is probably true!) anyway she is probably a nice little girl and I like the name Sunday! Thanks for actually taking your time to read this!lol anyway.

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