Sunday, July 13, 2008

Keith and Nicole Turn down Deals

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have lately been turning down Millions of bucks from photographers trying to make deals with the couple to take pics of baby Sunday Rose. They have yet to decide if they want to release a pic or not they say if they do it will not contain anyone paying anyone. "They don't think it is appropriate to make deals they are still deciding how they feel about it if and when they will release a photo at all. But they realize there is enourmous intrest from the public and they are greateful and appreciative of that" the source said. meanwhile Keith and Nicole have been enjoying their first few days at home with the new baby. Four days after the birth Nicole has been looking happy and well rested laughing and chatting with her friends while dining on a chicken salad at Bread and Company, US magazine People said yesterday. last week Nic's father revealed the truth about the unusual name they gave to Sunday named after Aussie Sydney Nolan's Muse, Sunday Reed. and the "Rose" comes from Keith's late Grandmother's name, Rose. Nic's Parent's plan to stay in her and Keith's home in Nashville, with Kidman's mother Janelle and sister Antonia, Little Sunay will soon be a frequent Flyer. Father Coleman who married the two are expected to baptise the baby in September! in the Same Chapel they wed. I'll bet Nic and Keith are sooo happy I mean just imagine how happy Keith is He says this is what he has been waiting for! I am sooo happy for the couple!

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