Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keith Urban Country Weekly Vote, Sexiest Man

Keith Rang in at No.6, Trace Adkins Rang at No.1 poor poor Keith. Maybe, Juuuust Maybe he'll climb a notch next yea, juuust Maybe!!! lolz

Keith & Brad Release Duet

Keith Urban and Fellow Country Singer BRAD PAISLEY have released their duet to country Radio Last week, The song is entitled "Start A Band" a Track on Brad's CD
"Play" out Nov. 4 So Pick that up, And request the New song, for Keith and Brad Of course, do whatcha did with Keith's "You Look Good In My Shirt" Jetting it up to No.1 that is!!! Congrats Keith!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Keith Steals NFL Audience

Keith Owns the Crowd At the 2008 NFL Kickoff, playing amazingly he seemed to have recovered from the Back injury as he jumped through the crowd during his latest no.1 "You look Good In My Shirt". I Would enjoy it as i went to see him a few weeks ago, AMAZING!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Visit here

It has a message board news updates and everything!! Please join for this Thanks so Much!! it is free!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Perfect Match

Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman take a Sunday free outing to a Soccer Match in Sydney by wearing matching leather jackets, caps, shirt colors, dark jeans, and sunglasses. Nicole and Tom used to wear identical outfits a lot. True Love!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Keith, Nicole, and Sunday are now in Sydney Australia for th baptism and all other things that will be going on for the next 2 months. She is a world traveller already! that is great! I Hope Keith and Nicole have lots of fun in Sydney with Sunday.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Keith gets Concert Extention

hooray Keith Urban's 2008 Halifax Commons concert has been extended farther than the normal time. The concert was supposed to end at the town's quiet time but Client votes said Keith could go ahead and "Rock On" until 11 pm four hours longer than the other time it will run from noon to 11 pm. and I MAY BE GOING TO THAT CONCERT!!!!! I Can't wait

Monday, August 4, 2008


ON August 30 i may be going to see keith Urban live I Am so excited!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Keith's first gig as a father

Keith Urban ca't wait for his first gig as a father he is playing Tonight at Liclon Financial Field the first show since Sunday was born. He posted a message on his web saying "Like any of you who are parents themselves we're experiencing th pure bliss of welcoming her into our lives. Were all doing superbly well and we continue to be absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and well wishes we are recieving".
He included "I can't wait for Saturday night's stadium show in Phliadelphia, my first gig as a father! see you there. Love, Keith."
I Am sure he will dedicate his preformance to Sunday!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Keith Urban's Sexy Face

Keith Urban's Sexy Face

GAC Poll closed

The GAC Poll for baby names has closed abot 4 days or so ago and Sunday Came in at #1 go Sunday! while Huck came at a ranging #2 way to go you two!!! I Love both names I voted for Huck the first 3 days and Sunday the last 3 days so It was even! anyway good job Sunday and Huck!

Keith for Pop show

Keith Urban will sing at Fashion Rocks show at New York's Radio City Music Hall on Sept 5 it will air Sept 9 on CBS So be sure to catch that! Additional performers are acts such as Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, Duffy, Fergie, Kid Rock, Lil Wayne, Rhianna, and Justin Timberlake. Definetly Be sure to see that for Keith Urban!

Nicole and Keith look GREAT Literally after birth

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman take a stroll outside a week after She gave birth to Sunday Rose and Nicole looks GREAT!!! She must be doing a lot of exercising stuff Thumbs up to you Nicole!

Keith and Nicole Told not to rock the baby

Nicole Kidman's co-star Hugh Jackman for the epic 'Australia' said that being asked for "Baby advice" is "Annoying" so he says "Congrats, don't rock the baby". Well that is just Nice you'd think your Co-Star would actually care I mean Taylor Swift literally Cried when she heard the news Come on Jackman! Meanwhile at Keith's website advice is being sent like crazy!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Keith Loves Being A Dad

Keith Urban Has finally for the first time expressed his feelings of being a father. Keith who all you Know is 40 is a first time dad is very elated and by the birth of his daughter Sunday Rose and says he just loves being a dad, for Nicole this is her first Biological child. "Were still experiencing the pure bliss of welcoming her into our lives", Daily Mirror quoted him as saying "We're all doing superbly well and continue to be overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and well wishes we are recieving". I'll bet he is very happy to be a daddy! for the first time!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Nicole and Keith plan trip

Nicole and Keith plan a trip to Austalia to get the baby to meet Keith's parents in Queensland Australia. While Nicole's sister and mother Antonia and Janelle already flew in from Sydney, Australia to welcome the birth of Sunday Rose. That trip will be a lot of fun!

Keith's big changes! since 1990

Keith has changes sooo much over the years from a dark haired mullet to a white mullet a longer haired back to blonde with a shoulder length to his longeest 'du more of that rocker look to a shorter do and to the blondish colored normal cut and to now! notice how Nicole looks different too! what is different is he looks soooo different in each pic my fave pics are the second one and the last one! he really has changed I've even noticed it since 1999 or so!

Keith's Baby Blog

New daddy Keith Urban is blogging about his baby girl, Sunday Rose on his website

now we get to the good stuff! He writes "It's been 10 days since the birth of our beautiful new daughter, Sunday Rose, and like any of you who are parents yourselves, were expecting the pure bliss of welcoming her into our lives. were all doing superbly well and we continue to be absolutely overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and well wishes we are reciving.Thank you all for your beautiful notes and prayers. I can't wait for Saturday night's stadium show in Philidelphia, my first gig as a father! see you there. Love Keith" That is a really nice entry I'll bet they are excited! Well good luch Keith you'll need it! nah Im just kidding!

Nicole and Keith seen afer birth of Sunday Rose

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been spotted out and about, Nicole looking slim and healthy, with husband Keith Urban for the first time since she gave birth to Sunday Rose! While the world waits to see the baby born on July 7 whose photos are not selling in Magazines for whatever reason.New mother Nicole looks Great! Nicole recently emailed the NY post saying about Sunday "we are in heaven. Can't stop staring at her in complete awe. feeling incerdibly blessed to have been given this precious little angel. Can't wait for you to meet her!" it sounds like they are livin the "life"!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Still no Deal

Keith and Nicole still are turning down deals for the picture of young Sunday Rose while Angelina and Brad already have their kids famous! Nicole doesn't agree with how Angelina and Brad got paid 11 million dollars for their pictures Of their Kids. I Think Keith and Nicole are making a better choice.! I mean they don't have to take pics of Sunday if they don't want to! gosh stop pressuring them!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Keith and Nic's New Neighbors

If Keith an Nicole want to pop down to the pub for lunch and a ginger beer when they visit their new mansion at Sutton Forest, they won't have to go far! "Bunya Hill" is right next door to Sutton Forest Hotel, Where the locals are abuzz about media reports that Urban and Kidman have secretly bought the 130 year old mansion for a reported bargain price at 6.5 Million ummm to us that is NOT Bargain! But we are poor compared to Keith!lol "The regulars are all talking about it" Manager Kirsty Neilsen said "Theirs a far bit of intrest about it all". Although Bunya Hilldescribed as a private hilltop pub patrons have a fine veiw to the impessive two storey mansion from the bach verandah. some privacy that is! Pub patrons looking in at your house! But I am sure it is a nice place!

Keith and Brad compete!

on GAC.COM Keith and Brad Paisley are up for competition for unique names Brad's William Huckleberry Paisley and Keith's Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. VOTE FOR SUNDAY!!!! I do like Brad too though! but I like Keith too! so vote them at yeah!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Keith and Nic buy Australia Ranch

Nicole the Aussie actress and Husband Country singer and Guitarist Keith Urban! Have purchased a 45-Hectare farm in the remote New South Wales countryside. The couple who welcomed a baby Sunday Rose last Monday, employed a property scout to find the new family a rural retreat in the picturesque region According to the Sydney Morning Herald. They recently settled on Bunya Hill, an impressive stud at Sutton forest. They are reported to have paid AUD$6.5 million (3.2 m pounds) For the double - Storey 1878 Georgian Mansion and Grounds, despite never having visited the farm themselves. Oooooh hopefully the Mansion is worth it! someone aint gonna be so happy if it aint worht it! I'm sure they'll love it along with Young Sunday Rose!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Keith and Nicole Turn down Deals

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have lately been turning down Millions of bucks from photographers trying to make deals with the couple to take pics of baby Sunday Rose. They have yet to decide if they want to release a pic or not they say if they do it will not contain anyone paying anyone. "They don't think it is appropriate to make deals they are still deciding how they feel about it if and when they will release a photo at all. But they realize there is enourmous intrest from the public and they are greateful and appreciative of that" the source said. meanwhile Keith and Nicole have been enjoying their first few days at home with the new baby. Four days after the birth Nicole has been looking happy and well rested laughing and chatting with her friends while dining on a chicken salad at Bread and Company, US magazine People said yesterday. last week Nic's father revealed the truth about the unusual name they gave to Sunday named after Aussie Sydney Nolan's Muse, Sunday Reed. and the "Rose" comes from Keith's late Grandmother's name, Rose. Nic's Parent's plan to stay in her and Keith's home in Nashville, with Kidman's mother Janelle and sister Antonia, Little Sunay will soon be a frequent Flyer. Father Coleman who married the two are expected to baptise the baby in September! in the Same Chapel they wed. I'll bet Nic and Keith are sooo happy I mean just imagine how happy Keith is He says this is what he has been waiting for! I am sooo happy for the couple!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cruise and Holmes send gifts to Urban and Kidman

Ex Husband Tom Cruise is very happy about his Ex's Birth Nicole Kidman as known gave birth to a healthy baby girl Sunday Rose Kidman Urban on Monday in Nashville. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes sent Keith and Nic a gift basket containing chenille Giraffe baby Blankets and items from the Hermes baby line.I think that is sooo nice of them!

Fans Offer Baby advice for Keith!!

Keith says One said to sing to Sunday Rose. He said that she said when the baby is upset that a great performer could help! that would work for me! another told The Tennesssean that Keith should get to know the neighbors with kids she said it is nice to get advice from neigbors if you need it! One fan says to "enjoy every second" and listen to their instincts. And another fan on the Paper's website says use that baby swing. I like that advice it is really nice to get advice when you need it! especially with a baby! who isn't even a week old yet!! just imagine how tiny she is! I am sure Keith and Nicole will enjoy EVERY moment!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Keith and Nicole Bringing Sunday HOME!!

Well it has been announced that Sunday Rose went home on Tuesday and the couple say she is a complete joy! The Couple also say they will Baptise Sunday in Australia wich is where they are headed and where they will stay for a few weeks before Keith gets back on the road with Kenny Chesney on his Poets And Pirates Tour as a show opener. I hope Keith has a lot of fun with his young one and I hope to someday see her at an award show or something. The couple are not planning on taking pictures of the baby anytime soon.

Keith, Baby and Nicole...

ON THE ROAD?!!? Okay my friend Baylee told me this the other day that Keith was bringing Nicole and the new baby Sunday on the road???? is this true??!!! If so I am sooo happy for Keith so he can be on the road with his family!! I also think if Sunday were to be a singer she could get use to the road and everythin like that! Also Nicole can spend more time with Keith wich is obviously a GGGRRREEEAAATTT thing! I sure hope you two...ER Three have fun! on the road if this is true!! Love this pic though!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Questions About Keith's Baby name

Keith Urban and Wife Nicole Kidman named their baby Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, as you can see on the post below, but the tabloids (news) have asked questions "Why?". Nicole's Father reveals all he said the name is named after an Aussie artist's muse and Urban's Grandmother Sunday Reed. the middle name "Rose" instead of "Reed" is named after Keith's Grandmother, Rose. But Sunday Reed was a famous Aussie but what is Stupid is the name they picked DOESN'T make the Aussie top 150. For gsh sakes they named her after a famous Aussie people! It should at least be in 149 I am so sick of all the picky people with names I mean in different places people are named different things. like say if someone from Austrailia was named 'Sunday' so what they are used to it because maybe people in Austrailia have different names well how would you feel if someone started laughing at you saying "Oh My God she isn'e poular cause her name is 'Katie' or 'Sally' or 'Kelly'". Well you can't blame them it is their name maybe there are weird names in different places they can't help it, it is their name and their place where they grew up. Well I am done my ramble! but I don't think people should judge people by their name or appearence I mean maybe she is the biggest joy to Nicole and Keith (wich is probably true!) anyway she is probably a nice little girl and I like the name Sunday! Thanks for actually taking your time to read this!lol anyway.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Nicole Kidman gave birth to their new baby girl Monday Morn they named her Sunday Rose Kidman Urban?? I thought it was a girl since Keith put in his "Greatist Hits" Album in his Thanks -For baby girl at the bottom of the page. I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR THE TWO OF 'EM!!! Nicole and Keith are so lucky to have a healthy baby. good luck with Fatherhood Keith. She will probably be his All American and getting him to buy her clothes galore!! good Luck you two!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Keith Makes Tribute to his "Better Half" Nicole

A BEAMING Keith Urban did little to hide His joy yesterday deicating a song to his "very, very, very, very, very pregnant wife" Nicole Kidman. The Country crooner played to a sell-out stadium in his adopted home of Nashville, Tennessee, and throughout his high energy performance he couldn't wipe the smile off his face. Mid Way through his set Urban, paused, smiled and announced; "I dedicate this song to my very, very, very, very, very pregnant wife" before singing "You're My Better Half". Kidman was not seen at the concert. Urban and Kidman are expecting the birth of their first biological child in less than a fortnight in the US. They are currently nesting in their Luxury home just outside the country and Western Music Capital. After yesterdays performance with Kenny Chesney Keith now has a two week break in his schedule. Urban recently told fans he has bought clothes like T-shirts that say "I Crawl The Line". Keith and Nic have been spotted on the outskirts of Nashville enjoying their laid-back lifestyle. They have been attending Lamaze birthing classes, and Kidman has been seen until recently at yoga and Gym classes. Urban's Parents are believed to be already in Nashville, while Kidman's parents Anthony and Janelle and youngster sister Antonia are expected at the much anticipated birth.Way to go Keith and Nicole! I hope the people at the concert really enjoyed the preformance I know I would. Keith and Nicole must be having a great time and very excited to have their first biological Child! GO KEITH AND NICOLE!!

Keith Urban At Kenny Chesney's LP Field Show

Keith Urban walked onstage in a white T-Shirt that said, "Someone went to Florida and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" Greeted with a huge applause from a now mostly filled LP Field, he was also greeted with a bad news sound mix. His vocals were nearly inaudible on "Days Go By" and "Where The Blacktop Ends," and things didn't get worked out properly until the last part of "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me." Bummer, though most fans seemed just plenty happy to see him up there and to hear his Guitar. Urban Prides himself in bringing a top notch Band, and this one includes Brad Rice, bass man Jerry Flowers and Drummer/band leader Chris McHugh. Each member gets time in the set to make significant contributions. And there are plenty of moments where the band sets a song up on a T-ball tee for Ureban to smack out a Guitar solo.I am going to see him in August in Halifax And even if the sound isn't right I will still just love to see him live! And I can't wait he is such a great preformer!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sydney Baptism Part of Nicole's Urban Renewal

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban are planning a baptism ceremony in Sydney for their as yet unborn child. Father Paul Coleman will conduct the Baptism Ceremony. With just over a week until the reported due date Kidman and Urban are in Nashville, preparing. The actresses Parents and sister Antonia, a mother of four are tipped to fly there for the event. But Because of Kidman's close links to Australia and her love for the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel in Manly, where she married Urban two years ago, she will come home for the baptism. Sinder Guy Sebastian, who bumped into Kidman during a visit to the US last month described her "really preggers". "She had such a glow! she is also about to pop," he told fans on his official website. Kidman, 41 has two adopted children, Connor,12 and Isabella, 14 who live with her former husband, Tom Cruise. I CAN'T WAIT TO KNOW THE BABY'S NAME!!!! Any time now I am trying to be patient!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Nicole Delivers Lunch!

At a Radio Interveiw at Nashville's WSIX-FM Keith Urban initially denied he took Lamaze Classes but a phone call by his wife! said "Hi this is Keith's wife!" Kidman said "Actually, Keith has been doing Lamaze lessons, he is selling himself short! He doesn't know the name (of the classes) but he has been really good at it!". Then she said she was on her way to pick him up when she was stuck in traffic the Radio Host Jokingly asked Kidman to get him a salad for lunch. Kidman arrived 30 minutes later salad in hand! Then the Host said I have no intention of eating that! It was very funny.

Nice Quiet Anniversary

Keith And Nicole Started their 2nd Anniversary with A trip to Starbucks they then had lunch that afternoon at a local Whole Foods with Urban's Songwriter pal Monty Powell and his wife. They've been taking Lamaze lessons though Keith denies it Nicole proved it at a radio interveiw when stuck in traffic (look at story above for more info).it is hilarious but they did have a very nice and quiet Anniversary

Final Countdown! For The new Lil Angel!

Keith and Nicole are in "Final Countdown" mode For their new baby! They are currently in Nashville Told to be where the birth of their new baby will be who knows maybe he will be a singer just like his daddy! or an actor/actress just like his mommy, Also Las Vegas was another possibility. Kidman's Parents will be by her side with her at the time of birth along with Keith. The couple have been spotted the last few months in gyms and yoga classes in the Neighbourhood also the has said they recently splashed out $US3.47 million on a seven bedroom called the Queen of Northumberland inside a heavily gated estate. The couple also said they have names picked out so lets see when it will be when she has the new little angel. The baby is tipped to be born in the next fornight! Going back to the ACM'S Those who watched it remember when Reba the host said Nicole is definately calling Keith 'Entertainer of the Year' that was hilarious! anyway Congrats Keith.

You can drop your congrats off at my email at thanx!

Keith Digs deep very Deep...For Nicole

Keith Urban And Nicole are expecting This month as most of you know lets send our Comgratulations out now! anyway Keith went to go as far as he could to get her (Nicole) the perfect gift and he did just that. He got her a $73000 ring but shhh don't tell her it is a seceret until she gives birth ok! anyway the ring is a Cartier Trinity "it is Three rings interwined, so its very symbolic" A Source said. The three ring represents 3 stages of a relationship Yellow Gold for Friendship, Rose Gold for Love, And White for Fidelity. The source added "It's 3 Turned into one and thats how it will be Keith, Nicole and the new Baby" This is very special I can't wait to hear all about it!

Keith Goes Green...FOR US!

Well Keith has been thinking of ways to have environmentally friendly Concert Merchandise.He is doing this by offering up T-Shirts At concerts made of recycled Plastic Bottles. Keith, Along with acts such as Brian Wilson and Radiohead has teamed-up with a Company that makes products from recycled objects.WAY TO GO KEITH!! That is our man going Green now we just need to recycle more bottles and what do you know one of those bottles could be in one of them T-Shirts!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

NEW...Yes NEW Greatist Hits Special Edition Disc!

So As I said in the Post below Keith Released a new singlle "You Look Good In My Shirt" And is feeling good about it and so he is adding it on a new edition of his "Graetist Hits:18 Kids" and changing the title to "Greatist Hits:19 Kids" so be sure to pick it up next time you see it so we can at least make it Gold or Platinum WAY TO GO KEITH!!

New Single

OK on Keith's 2nd Album "Golden Road" Held a Track Called "You Look Good In My Shirt" It was a fan favorite so He decides after a lot of thinking. After he released The "Love Pain & The Whole Crazy Thing" Album in 2006. he realeased a Remix Of "You Look Good In My Shirt" IN 2008!!! this is awesome! He said the new single has more of a "Balance" as in it has more excitement and it is "better" than the original Track on "Golden Road". It Is holding steady on the charts at #61 on the US Billboard Hot 100. And At #12 For US Hot Country Songs. All I can say is Keep 'em comin Keith!! and keep requesting to try and get this awesome Song out of #61 and propell it forward to #1 we can do it Keith Fans!!


Well here are a few pics of Keith And Nicole at the ACM'S isn't he so handsome in these pictures and finally Nicole has no Botox! CONGRATULATIONS NICOLE!!! for Botox .Pickin a Sexy Husband and C.On Pregnancy!! enjoy the pics!

This As You All Know Is KEITH URBAN!

Well as a lot of Keith Urban Fans Know this is him and his unmistakable face and hair!! He has 7 number one hits and 2 Grammy awards... I think. And a million gagillion bagillion dollar hairdue!And yes he sings Country music the best music in the world!!