Monday, July 7, 2008


Nicole Kidman gave birth to their new baby girl Monday Morn they named her Sunday Rose Kidman Urban?? I thought it was a girl since Keith put in his "Greatist Hits" Album in his Thanks -For baby girl at the bottom of the page. I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR THE TWO OF 'EM!!! Nicole and Keith are so lucky to have a healthy baby. good luck with Fatherhood Keith. She will probably be his All American and getting him to buy her clothes galore!! good Luck you two!

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Anonymous said...

Great site Katie! My name is Katie too..and I'm SUPER in love with Keith Urban. I didn't know if you've been to any of his actual concerts before..because if not, you MUST save up some money to go! I noticed that you're a big fan of Brad Paisley as well - and so am I. I'm actually going to see Brad Paisley on Thursday, and will be seeing Kenny and Keith on Saturday!